Types of Exercises and Their Benefits

In choosing your exercise, you have to consider your fitness level. Each exercise will challenge your flexibility and muscle strength. These exercises can target problematic areas of the body where you normally gain fat.



It’s more than a body exercise. Yoga will also exercise your mind, so you can calm down and let the worries leave your body. There are types of yoga as well, each type is designed to stretch your muscles while calming your mind. Ashtanga is one of the most common types of yoga being practised by millions of communities around the world. You can have yoga in two ways burn fat through intense poses and increase muscle control. Yoga has to be done correctly. So it’s advisable that you enroll yourself to a yoga class offering egift card promo codes. Once you pass the beginner’s level, you can start exploring this exercise and advance to more difficult poses.


zumbaIf you like to dance, you’ll definitely love Zumba. This exercise is more on cardio. You’ll be moving all the parts of your body. Since this exercise is more on dancing, you can watch videos and sway with the beat. It’s not as conservative as Yoga. However, if you want to enjoy it more, dance with a group of friends or visit the Amsterdam canal sightseeing tour and join the locals spend time together with Zumba.


It’s one of our favorite exercises because it will make your core stronger and firmer. The idea of pilates is using your body weight. You’ll be targeting your core or what they call the “center”. This exercise believes that when your core is strong, the rest of the body is also strong. This exercise will also help people suffering from back pain. So, save money on electronics, instead, enroll in a pilates class.



Boxing will challenge your body especially your arms. If you are not into boxing, but you are after the effects, you can go for a Tae Bo class. The concept is the same except for the fact that you don’t need to wear gloves.