Why Calorie Counting Will Never Ever Work?

Nutritionists around the world are so consumed with calorie counting. It works for patients in the hospital, but for the normal people who have the freedom to choose, it will never work. Here are the reasons why.


It Triggers a Scarcity Mindset

Fitness goal has something to do with our mindset. We have to know what’s good and bad for us. We know that it’s good to rent a bike in Amsterdam city tour bike instead of calling a taxi. It’s good for the environment and for your health. Calorie counting is not about what’s good or bad for you. It’s about math. You should eat this number of calories per day only, you should always watch you are eating, and etc. This way of dieting is mind breaking. It triggers your brain to sense scarcity because it perceives it as a “diet”. After a week of calorie counting, you’ll slide away and binge eat.

It’s Too Complicatedfood

Calorie counting is too complicated for a normal human being. Let’s say a slice of pizza calorie count is about 300, but what about the hidden sugars in the sauce? Other calories were never calculated which is why it’s not even accurate. This is far more complicated than the charges you see in your I Amsterdam card. The key to being healthy is not calorie counting. It is knowing the right food choices and the right portions.

It Makes Eating Less Enjoyable

Eating is one of the simplest yet profound pleasures of life. You have to understand as well that you eat to live, not live to eat. There has to be a balance between pleasure and sacrifice. You are already on a diet and then you still have to count the calories you eat? The restaurants in Amsterdam city tour review and pass serve delicious yet healthy food choices. Screw calorie counting, and enjoy your food. Just don’t overeat.